Residential Mortgages At Parker Kelly Financial Services we have a dedicated team who will help you through every step of your mortgage.

Parker Kelly are whole of market advisers meaning we are not tied to one company and will work to find the best mortgage deal available to you.

How we can help you.

First Time Buyers
Owning your first home can be one of the biggest decisions that you can make. Our advisers will listen to what you want from a mortgage, explain the different options available to you without confusing matters with technical jargon and then search the thousands of different mortgage products to find the best deal that suits your needs.

We will help you through the application process, valuation of the property and take you straight through until you get the keys to your new home.

Remortgaging can be an important part of your financial review as the rate of interest that you will ‘revert’ to at the end of your current deal may not be the best rate for you. Many mortgage deals will finish and you will be transferred to the lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR) which could be higher than your current rate of interest.

Our mortgage advisers will look at the market again to see whether there is the opportunity to save money on your mortgage each month, or potential to reduce your mortgage term in the future. With thousands of products available to us, we will look at the lenders with the best rate of interest, incentives and fees to offer you the best advice moving forward.

Home Movers
As time goes by our circumstances will change, and a new property may be part of future plans. If you are moving home we feel that this is the perfect opportunity to review your current mortgage and see whether a better deal is available.

Whether you are trading up to a larger property or downsizing our advisers will assess your finances to make sure that the future decisions are affordable to you. Moving to a larger property can mean an increase in your financial outgoings, so making sure that any decision is affordable to you is imperative. Our team of advisers will look at your current circumstances and advise the best course of action. We will look for the best mortgage products on the market to make the purchase as smooth as possible.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage